General Information

1. Conference Venue

NIMS Conference Hall
Third Floor, KT 2 Research Center
70, Yuseong-daero 1689-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

2. Visa Information

The Secretariat will issue a letter of invitation toward requests of participants who are asked to acquire a visa. Visa fees or any relevant expenses are supposed to be paid by the delegate. To receive a letter of invitation, the participant must complete the registration process. Please contact the secretariat if any problem occurs. Requirements for Visa vary from one country to another in the Asia and the Pacific region. It is the responsibility of the participant to acquire a visa individually. For more details, please visit the websites below.

3. Accommodation

The main hotel of conference is Hotel Interciti (, which is located at 92, Oncheon-Ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea.

      • For invited speakers and organizing committee: All the invited speakers and organizing committee will stay in Hotel Interciti. The reservations for hotel will be made by NIMS. Please give your name at check-in front.

      • For participants except invited speakers: Participants are kindly asked to reserve their own hotel rooms individually.

4. Shuttle

The shuttle bus between Hotel Interciti and the Conference venue (NIMS) will be arranged in the mornings and evenings during the conference period. Shuttle schedule will be updated on this website. The Hotel Interciti is about 10 kilometers from the conference venue. (Bus Stop: The main door of Hotel Interciti / The main gate of NIMS)

      • From Hotel Interciti to NIMS

        • August 7, 13h00

        • August 8, 09h10

        • August 9, 09h10

      • From NIMS to Hotel Interciti

        • August 7, 18h10

        • August 8, 18h10

        • August 9, 18h10

      • From NIMS to Daejeon KTX Station (via Daejeon Bus Terminal Complex)

        • August 9, 18h10

* Above all are departure time.

5. Registrations

The online registration prior to the conference is the condition of participating in conferences of NIMS. The Registration desk will be positioned on 3rd floor of NIMS Conference Hall. Registration will cover the luncheons, conference banquet, refreshments and shuttle from the Hotel Interciti. No registration fee is required.

6. Meals

Breakfast: Sandwiches and Coffee are served at NIMS

Lunch: Registered attendees are served lunch at the cafeteria on the 2nd floor. Please find the meal tickets in your name card.

7. Conference Banquet

The banquet will be served only for the participants of the workshop.

      • Place Yujin Hotel Annex (유진호텔 별관)

      • Menu Korean traditional food

      • Time August 8, 19h00

8. Name Tag Policy

Attendees are supposed to wear name tag at all times. No one is allowed to access to any of the amenities at workshop without a name tag. The participants must wear their name tag to prove of their registration to gain the access to NIMS events.

9. Temporary ID card Pick-up & Drop-off

Please submit your passport or identification card to NIMS and receive a temporary ID card at the information desk inside the main building every time you come to the conference. The temporary ID card should be returned every day when you leave the building.

10. Conference Secretariat

If you have any questions or problems during the conference, please contact Seungyeon Lee, coordinator of NIMS.
Tel. +82-(42)-717-5764

  • NIMS Wireless Internet Access
    ID: nims
    Password: nims_workshop

  • Call taxi
    Tel.: +82-42-586-8000, +82-42-540-8282