2013 Combinatorics Workshop: Third Announcement

게시일: Aug 13, 2013 6:13:47 AM

Dear participants,

  1. Program

The proceeding of the workshop is available at:

  1. Banquet

Place: Yujin Hotel Annex
Menu: Korean traditional food
Time: Aug 8, 19h00

** See the item 7 of "General information" (http://cw2013.combinatorics.kr/gen-info).

  1. Transportation

If you want to take a taxi in Daejeon, the following link will be useful:

If you want buy a ticket of airport Limuosine (Daejeon->Incheon), please see the following:

  1. Shuttle Bus

See the item 4 of "General information"(http://cw2013.combinatorics.kr/gen-info).

  1. Contact Information

If you have any questions or problems during the conference, please contact

Seungyeon Lee(coordinator of NIMS): +82-(42)-717-5764, seungyeon@nims.re.kr or
Seunghyun Seo: +82-(10)-2473-0733, cw2013@combinatorics.kr

Best regards,

2013 Combinatorics Workshop Committee