2013 Combinatorics Workshop: Second Announcement

게시일: Jul 29, 2013 3:59:43 PM

Dear participants,

  1. Program

The timetable has been determined, and the title and abstract of each talk is updated.
(Note that the poster session is cancelled, so the schedule is slightly changed.)

  1. Registration

The pre-registration is closed.
You may check your name is the following link:
If you sent the registration mail but cannot find your name, then please let us know it.

  1. Accommodation

We recommend two hotels, which are convenient for riding the shuttle bus (between NIMS and hotels).
(See http://cw2013.combinatorics.kr/gen-info -> 4. shuttle bus)

If you need help for reservation, please send your information for booking.
(name of hotel, check in and check out dates)

  1. General information

Please read carefully the following website:
This includes 1(venue), 4(shuttle), 6(meals), 8&9(some restrictions).

Best regards,

2013 Combinatorics Workshop Committee